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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Spiritual Loophole 2.0

Cosmic Connections
Pagan religions have always been an alternate choice in the quest for spirituality, although Paganism is really not a religion in my opinion.  Nevertheless, if one did seek out a major religion to answer an interest or need in spirituality it was more than likely that the search would end with the particular religion chosen. That is to say, the quest for truth and growth would end. All religions claim to be the correct religion and one need go no further according to the dogma of each. In effect, one would fine spirituality at the price of intellectual integrity and growth. 

Religion necessitates giving up intellectual integrity at some point in favor of faith. Your intellect becomes overwhelmed by spirituality depending on how much of your intellect or ability to reason is given over to religious faith. Such is what all religions ask of their followers at some point.

Just because one does not acknowledge spirituality within does not mean it is not there. Spirituality can be as little as looking up at a dark star-filled sky with awe and wonder to fanaticism willing to die or kill for religion. Spirituality is the path to a higher consciousness and enlightenment. Enlightenment is what humanity needs individually to evolve and humanity for the most part has been devolving. A higher consciousness is the calling of humanity and some of you have not been listening. Humans hear and experience this calling differently. We all have a place in this world and it is found easily through spirituality.

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Carl Sagan
Spirituality I speak of here includes religion as religion comes under a form of spirituality. Spirituality may be a general awareness and consciousness of oneself in perspective to the universe whereas religion spells out your connection to the universe in dogma influenced quite usually by guilt, fear, and eternal happiness after death. Spirituality may recognize or seek the divine in oneself, the opposite sex, nature, or the universe. Religion is an end to a means whereas spirituality is a means to an end. Furthermore, that which is the end of spirituality may be never-ending.

I am inclined to liken humans to special musical instruments when it comes to spirituality. Spirituality is not easily understood and if someone comes along and hits the right notes in a person experiencing a need for spirituality yet lacks reason as an ideal, such a person will follow a Pied Piper of Metaphysical Music like a junkie follows a drug pusher.

Something like music might hit the right notes making a person tap their feet, dance, sing, or cry. Such is spirituality on a low level and specific to each individual. We know this as inspiration. Inspiration is a type of spirituality and depending on who is inspired and how spiritual that person is and aware of such spirituality will determine the product of such inspiration. Some people may experience spirituality only as a warm uplifting feeling and nothing more.

The world is magic.  Science is but an insipid style of sorcery. 
-Rudy Rucker

If one vehemently denies spirituality then that person is cut off from oneself and evolving. Your achievements and happiness are limited. What happened at the end of Sir Isaac Newton’s life? He reached his limit intellectually it would appear. Perhaps intrinsically he knew that the next step was through spirituality. Unfortunately for him, he was undone by the religion of his time and that would have been The Catholic Church. One now has to wonder what such a great mind would have achieved given the right path to his inherent need for spirituality? Great thinkers and scientists of today continue to deny their spirituality by erroneously thinking that it has something to do with religion. Those scientists who choose religion as a means of satiating the need for spirituality are necessarily limited in any intellectual growth and achievements in direct ratio to how much reason they shelve in favor of faith. Religion falls under spirituality and not the other way around. Since religion dominates culture and politics and has been the greatest enemy to science, scientists and great thinkers of today are quite logical in dismissing their natural need for spirituality.  Logical conclusions are not always rational (see Feminism).  Scientists will now discover that dismissing spirituality was not a rational decision. Like Newton, the science community, and all non-believers will only go so far intellectually without acknowledging and feeding their inherent need for spirituality.
Scientism is belief in the universal applicability of the scientific method and approach, and the view that empirical science constitutes the most authoritative worldview or most valuable part of human learning to the exclusion of other viewpoints.
                                                                                   --Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Awareness and seeking a higher awareness is key to human evolution. Such explains the gap in the world between ethics and science. It also explains why human evolution has virtually ceased. Science can study ethics, awareness, and sexual love. That is about all science can do in such areas and any type of applied science in such fields will fail or make matters worse. Science alone cannot move humanity up the evolutionary scale any further. Science is of little use in dealing with the dark abyss threatening to engulf all of humanity today called infertility. Spirituality and awareness hold part of the answer to extinction and must be experienced and shared. Awareness cannot be exploited for greed and power and that is why the patriarch matrix is not interested in attaining a higher consciousness. It at once explains why leaders of humanity continue to be a primitive species racing toward extinction and the continuation of religion.

As stated previously, spirituality is not easily understood. Science would say that the field is completely subjective if not mystical. Science turns a blind eye to anything it cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Such is science in the patriarch matrix. Life is an event of reasonable doubts and science must grow up and leave the snobbery at home if it is to continue with a measure of respect. Because spirituality is not easily understood and humans need spirituality even if they do not know why, they can be taken advantage of by men who know that the vagaries of religion offer riches and power to the man who knows how to manipulate emotions and/or spirituality in the right people. They exploit what I have come to call the 'Spiritual Loophole' of humanity. 

Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic. 
 -Arthur C. Clarke

Humans want and need spirituality as a matter of survival and evolution. However, because they do not understand spirituality it leaves them vulnerable to fakes, frauds, and criminals, and even their own existential inconsistencies. Also, since there are many paths to spirituality and a higher consciousness, some humans find spirituality and a higher consciousness but never gain enlightenment because the path chosen is limited. If spirituality was well understood then there would not be several opposing religions and science would not be a snob to an integral part of humanity. Furthermore, this integral part of humanity would not be under the control of charlatans, fools, and criminals that make up a majority of religious clergy. An integral element of human survival and evolution is misunderstood to the point of exploitation by good intentions or bad and the cycle is repeated ad infinitum. Such defines the spiritual loophole of humanity.

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