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Friday, December 9, 2016

Lords of Sagittarius

Corinne Heline, Spiritualist
Early in human evolution the Lords of Mind radiated from themselves the shining essence containing the seed of the human mind. In other words, these great Beings bestowed upon man the priceless gift which lifts him above the animal kingdom and opens a way whereby he may become as a god. 
—The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline
Spiritual journeys often take lifetimes according to advanced Mystics. Time itself may offer the final frontier not as immaterial concept to be exploited for greed and power but bridge to other worlds and higher thinking. Only beings of higher consciousness conquer time and humanity for the most part does not come close today. Science explains time but looking at this world one would not think even scientists understand completely fabrics holding our universe together. As our world turns slowly away from darkness by power of magick and celestial aspects, time waits for Champions to formulate spiritual plans building a new nation as America can finally understand rainbows waiting at the end of a cosmic road.
This is vitally important work because a highly trained but unillumined materialistic mind is the most sinister force in the world at the present time. St. Paul aptly termed it "the power of darkness." Such minds are being used by the Black Forces as their most responsive instruments for bringing about chaos, dissolution and the eventual destruction of the entire earthly realm. This is the crisis now confronting humanity. 
The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline
Such plans wait not too far away for higher consciousness and freethinking Americans to put together building a new world where achievements are not measured in dollars. Spiritually potent matriarchs and beauty rule in our future as characteristics needed to govern and advance civilization in the appropriate direction shines brightest in our women. Baby steps to that future have already been taken as monsters hiding in plain sight are exposed like cockroaches scattering across a kitchen floor when one turns on the light. Now that we see them and their awful liberal media protectors, especially dangerous evil can and will be exterminated.

Great darkness before the beautiful dawn was predicted and one should not be surprised as we are exposed now to what appears to be the worst U.S. President imaginable protecting and involved in a pedophile sex-trafficking ring embedded in the heart of government across the globe. 

Spiritual Warrior encourages humanity to evaluate life and choose a side as only innocents shall not be judged. Until then, powers radiating from Constellation Sagittarius guide promises of more love lifting lowly humans in need to higher thinking and consciousness. However, parasites and monsters find no love here as it should be in the heart of all decency.

Sagittarius, the only zodiac sign brandishing a weapon delivers retribution when needed.  Mythic planetary Trigon powers cosmic will summoned by timeless tears now holding dominion over degenerate halls of Washington, D.C. to perverted palaces of Saudi Arabia. Let pedophiles and government parasites like our President Barack Obama and John Podesta come to know abject fear comprehending unstoppable approaching doom.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Averting Dark Agendas

Micro-second by micro-second a dark future paved by the patriarch matrix is being averted.  Wheels driving mankind to the extinction abyss move slowly.  It remains a severe problem unacknowledged by a selfie-selfish generation and their makers because the actual event happens in a distant future.  Nevertheless, there is a point of no return that experts see in the number of children produced or fertility rates.  No culture has ever reversed a fertility rate of less than 2.11 children per family in our known history.  It is why I am here.

As the final chapter is written, it should have been a woman taking humanity to salvation opening a door to a prescribed matriarch society.  Dark details of a journey into light begin in darkness.  To get to the light we must first go into darkness of our own minds and beyond.  Spiritual Warriors cannot be concerned with details on the Quantum Field.  Warriors care little of the battles but seek to win the war!

Many years ago a high-tech engineering genius friend related to me that the extra-terrestrials commonly known in UFO circles as the “Grays” were in fact us from the future.  Grays are also thought of as the malevolent aliens.  They have no discernible sex organs.   Look at the photo collage posted here and tell me or yourself if there are similarities?  Ask yourself; why most all alien abduction stories involve tests on our reproductive system?  Let me remind you that my mission here is to prevent species extinction by infertility.  Ask yourself some questions.  Doing the work is important and some answers you will not get here.  You will get questions.  Why are there similarities in the pics?  What would our eyes look like if we had to live under ground for a few thousand years?  Why would we need to live under ground for a few thousand years?  Which political party in the 2016 presidential election fanned flames of nuclear war with Russia?  Which political party pushes a gender-neutral agenda?  


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Zeta Reticulan Grey Aliens

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Synchronicity and Zodiac Sign 13

Ophiuchus, the so-called 13th Zodiac Sign
Our good friend Science decided it was past time to update the High Art of Astrology and threw a monkey wrench into the world of Spirit, Magick, and Horoscopes by doing the math required to delineate the 13th Zodiac sign known as Ophiuchus.  It appears the 13th sign has been there all along and the ancients for some reason decided to ignore it.

Apparently, 13 sun signs were used long ago in Sidereal Astrology.  As a youngster in the world of astrology, it would take someone more in tune with the Arts to explain exactly what Sidereal Astrology entails.  Thankfully, an explanation of ancient astrology is not necessary for the thesis here.  

Science gave us back the 13th sun sign not in an effort to help but to discredit, embarrass, and bring general chaos to those of us with higher consciousness most probably out of envy.  Astrologers and those of us entering new spirituality are not thrown into chaos with the announcement and rebirth of Ophiuchus.  According to Science, the news affects 86% of us.  That is to say, our natal charts and horoscopes have been cast in error and need recalculating.  I disagree.  The ancients in almost every culture were more spiritually advanced or in touch with spirit than modern society.  So then, we can bet that the ancients had good reasons for ignoring the 13th sign and we should not try to out-smart them.

I believe it was Constantine the Great who became so great because of the casting of his natal chart by Vettius Valens, a novice Astrologer at the time fell to his knees and wept at the feet of the Ruler upon casting and reading Constantine’s chart.  Apparently, he was the second coming of Christ or something and the young Astrologer told him as much.   Constantine went on to be such a great Roman Emperor that he is credited with creating the fall of Rome and emergence of Christianity. Many years later his chart was cast again by a modern astrologer and it was found that the original natal chart of Constantine was cast completely in error. 

Planets and stars affect us but are also there as powerful tools for our use as well.  All advanced mystics know that human will is greater than the power of any planet or star.

Do not pull your hair out over the news of Ophiuchus.  Rejoice!  It is just another sign the status-quo creating an ugly loveless world of machines, monsters and their prey is coming to an unmerciful end.  Imagine greater and get ready to build a new world.  

Here then are my top ten reasons why the 13th Zodiac sign gives those of us on a spiritual journey no cause for concern.  If incorporated, it arrives in perfect harmony with “synchronicity" of the great Carl Jung and approaching matriarch society.

1.   Astrology is not based on constellations as there are other more powerful constellations than Ophiuchus not listed on the Zodiac.  There is a fine argument for this in a video below and not all Astrologers are long-haired Hippies.  Some of them come from the ranks of science.

2.   Constellation Ophiuchus is not very bright meaning it radiates little power on us lowly humans.  Maybe this is why the ancients ignored it.  There is literature to suggest it should be treated like a leap year.  Perhaps it comes into significant aspect every 3 years.

3.   Astrology is different in almost every nation.  Vedic Astrology of India uses 7 planets only as did the ancients.   So then, Astrology behaves to whatever dynamics humans ascribe to it to a degree.  Quantum Theory is about what you believe. The Poet seems to sense more than experts think they know here.

Astrology cannot be explained by any single theoretical framework, but must be viewed against a specific religious, philosophical, social, and political background and, equally importantly, from the perspective of individual practitioners working within a particular milieu in a particular place, in a particular decade of a particular century.  
              -Liz Greene, Astrologer Extraordinaire

4.   Thirteen is a sacred number, a spiritual number, a number with great power for those in tune with spirit and a source of great fear to those who live by pretense.  Pretense has ruled this world for thousands of years driving humanity to the end of the road called extinction.  As pretense dies, spiritual energy awakens and rules the future.  Those with spirit do not fear the number 13 but welcome it like magick it brings.

5.   Science looks silly for not doing the math a long time ago.  Maybe their computers were running slow or something.  This shows that Science must stop being such an insufferable snob and work with the High Arts as they are much older and more powerful than Science.  Science seems jealous for not giving humanity a viable answer to the extinction riddle.  Spirituality delivered that solution and holds all keys to Utopia until science can catch up getting out of the mud of pretense— pretending it is the new God.  

6.   Bringing back Ophiuchus may unite all the different varieties of Astrology.  I have said that one day Astrology will join the ranks of academics and you will be able to get a Ph.D in Astrology.  Maybe Ophiuchus is the nexus to our astrological future of love and prosperity free from government parasites and their zombies.  Rally ‘round thirteen!

7.   These enlightened eyes were looking for an astronomical sign among our starry night sky signaling the dawning of the matriarch society and end to a cruel circus of status-quo politics of fools.  Pluto is no longer a planet having been unceremoniously down-graded by Science and that event could not be a sign for positive change.  NASA’s Kepler  Space Telescope recently discovered a new planet and that more than makes up for old Pluto.  (Pluto may rise from the dead again)  Planet Proxima Centauri-B needed a better name and Astrologers should write letters of protest around the fact that astronomers and scientists are artistically and poetically inept.  They should appoint a group of Poets and Astrologers to name planets. 

Snake Charmer has flare and bravado.  Think of government and the status-quo as a snake (shouldn’t be hard to do).  We must charm the dangerous reptile with magick as we retake our planet just in time to destroy human monsters and save a dying world.

8.   Zodiac Signs are the least powerful element of tools and forces at our disposal to learn lessons while multiplying and prospering on this planet.  Meandering through incarnations we go through all sun signs until getting it right. Planets and aspects hold the power and they shall not change much in your natal chart.  

9.   Firestorm Omega arrived here under a Trigon of planets holding great mythological and real power including Ares the God of War, the Father of Time Saturn, and Uranus the World Maker holding domain over earthquakes and tsunamis.  Nerds and Geeks say coincidence while the great Jung would say, “synchronicity, Baby!”

10.  The Warrior is given mythic ruthless planets as tools and great magick to battle epic evil of this world.  Apparently, humanity is that important. The Dalai Lama told you folks how it would end and so did Nostradamus.  The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs. 

The "Secret Cross" well known for great power found on few as are two.

Natal Chart of Firestorm Omega aka Alan Paine


Monday, August 29, 2016

Nobel Pursuits: An Open Letter to Sir Richard Dawkins

Sir Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist
Dear Sir;

Forgive the intrusion into such a brilliant world but I put this 
off long enough. The Selfish Gene, your remarkable book on evolution, biology, and human behavior like our world itself looks a bit different seen through eyes immersed in turbo-charged enlightenment.  It was only a matter of time until this Poet with Leo rising would entertain one of the world's great Thinkers.  Certainly, with all due respect I must take issue with your theory.

There is no such thing as a selfish gene. There are only bad

and selfish governments. Citizens and resulting culture are products and byproducts of government.  Selfish corrupt incompetent government produces citizens reflected through the looking glass.  It is the true trickle-down effect. Chaos produces enough Thinkers and Freedom Fighters to keep the system afloat offering hope for a brighter future. That future has arrived. 

My apologies for not shedding enlightenment on this matter earlier but been a little busy here with our own bad government and the riddle.

Your good friend, Neil degrasse Tyson inspired part of the answer to a long standing riddle of humanity. Why can we no longer reproduce? Such is the extinction riddle and the answer comes as an immensely complex problem. The solution to that immensely complex problem is a prescribed matriarch society.

I do fall off the planet at times and keep in touch with issues poorly. However, I have a notion this selfish gene thing could create a minor storm threatening to drive all good women away from Atheism. I am here to drive them to Spirituality as an Atheist transitioning to Spirituality. Nevertheless, I  see how a selfish gene theory could have negative effects particularly on women and our world. I suspect it is a matter best dropped altogether.  

This spider-web of interrelated blogs sheds more light on my evolutionary theories along with a book coming soon. Any who, here are some revelations that could use contemplation of a brilliant mind. This list does not represent all I must deal with on this planet as some labors are mine alone. Presented for your consideration, here then are evolutionary pronouncements more befitting a brilliant mind as noble pursuits:
1) Cosmic Transference; a phrase I coined to describe turbo-charged enlightenment shared by many men including Joseph Smith, Charles Manson, Albert Einstein, Nikolai Tesla, and many others. I believe it explains the formation of all known religions. It is the Heterosexual Nexus and responsible in large part for raising intellect of the Poet and this letter.
2) The Spiritual Loophole; another coined phrase inspired by Dr. Tyson provides the last argument for why religion continues for so long. In short, humans are inherently spiritual and need spirituality for survival and evolution but do not understand what they need and can be taken advantage of by fill in the blank in pursuit of what is vital.
3) Abortion is to humans as a pack of lions are to a herd of zebra. The fundamental difference is humans have free will or at least she did have free will until the advent of bad government. (That revelation adds support to the no such thing “selfish gene”.)  No adequate abortion also explains devolving species, making human monsters, and more. Her free will in this matter represents the essence of “natural selection”. 
4) Spiritual knowledge here regarding extinction species humanity appears superior to Science. Not sure if reproductive experts know it, but there is a point of no return different for all nations regarding extinction. Sorry to say, Great Britain appears past the point of no return. "Brexit", I believe, is an attempt to right the ship.

Well, if that does not provide an aspiring person food for thought then it affirms a species desperately seeking apocalypse. May the force of reason be with you. Oh yeah, this is the Dawning of the Matriarch Society.

Best Wishes,
Alan Kenneth Paine
Marquis Who’s Who in America 
Arts & Literature 2005-2010

Cc; Neil deGrasse Tyson


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dangerous Universe: When Dreams Come True

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.   
Ralph Waldo Emerson

When a man deliberately sets out to attend college for the sole purpose of becoming a political leader without benefit of real-world job experience, what does it say about the moral character and intellectual integrity of such a man?   Does he tell us by default that real-world job experience is not needed or has no value as experience on the resume of a would-be political leader in America? 

A government job and political leader are two distinctly different jobs.  One qualifies as real-world job experience and the other does not.  Working at the Post Office is a government job and qualifies as real-world job experience.  U.S. Senator is the job of a political leader and does not qualify as real-world job experience.  

Connections to people and the work environment, actual experience within the backbone of society succeeding or failing becomes the structure upon which character is built.  There are lessons to be learned and character developed in volunteer work.  However, such is at a level considerably less than earning a wage to pay the rent for a decent job.  A decent real-world job makes a person healthy, wealthy spiritually, and wise.   

  Life is a a succession of lessons which must be lived to be  understood.   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let us look briefly at the career of recently retired NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant
as example.  One day, Kobe dreamed of becoming the best NBA player greater perhaps than his idol, Michael Jordan.  What does Kobe do?  He practices basketball skills a lot.  By the time a little Mamba reaches High School, he is one of the best basketball players in his state and thus the nation.  When drafted out of High School by the Lakers, he arrives boy among men but with real self-esteem built upon a body of work achieved through lots of practice.  We, the public could see that work on video and even without video we could review his stats. Even as a Rookie he earned our respect before ever playing a game.  Entering the game with actual achievements, Kobe had plenty to rely upon when he sat on the bench as a Rookie. He had nowhere to go but up and became one of the great NBA Players.

When a man becomes a Senator straight out of college, what is his self-esteem built upon?  Maybe he was a student body or class president.  That would be something but not nearly enough  qualifications to become a national political leader or giving him true self-esteem upon which to do the job at all successfully. Some modern Presidents coveted U.S. National Guard service on their resumes and military work is invaluable experience especially for someone wishing to become Commander in Chief.  After becoming a U.S. Senator without true self-esteem or any experience or body of work in a profession that might add to the job of political leader, what would then make such a man think that he has the qualifications or intellectual integrity to attain and flourish in the job of U.S. President of America?

Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.
Nathaniel Branden

That Barack Hussein Obama became U.S. President is not a special achievement.   It is a slap in the face to America.  It is a warning sign.  That he would even attempt to become a political leader with his resume at the time shows disregard for everything dear to humanity and such reveals itself again and again it seems in his awful presidency.  Yet, there had to be an Obama to galvanize the coming renaissance.

To be or not to be?  That is the wrong question.  Mr. Obama dreamed of being someone… a political leader or U.S. President and he got his wish.   Once he became what he dreamed of becoming, his cosmic journey ended.  He had nothing to offer as that is not what he was built to do.  He was not built to do anything.  He was built to be a bureaucrat and as such is nothing but an empty shell full of second-hand thoughts, ignorance, and good intentions.  Oppressive government roads to hell and extinction are paved with good intentions.

The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.
  —Albert Camus

If a university tells a man he is fit to become a political leader in America by virtue of his college career alone, that is a dangerous institution.  When a man tells us by his actions that it is not important to have real-world job experience to become a political leader in America and then indeed becomes a political leader in America, it exposes the political two-party system as dangerously broken.  Our universe speaks to us loudest between the lines.  Mr. Obama speaks loudly by default betraying a man of questionable character, intellectual integrity, or possessing unconscionable arrogance built on false self-esteem.

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionaryVince Lombardi

This once reluctant Poet dreamed of doing something. Passion created an unmistakable body of work in Arts & Letters exemplifying Sagittarius the now Spiritual Thinker.  I philosophize.  I was built to do something.  One hopes Hillary Clinton dreamed to do something and not to be the first female U.S. President. Our universe builds you accordingly.  Becoming the first African-American U.S. President is not working out so well for Obama as he also became perhaps the worst U.S. President ever and easily the most hated.  Be careful what you wish for in our dangerous universe, my friends.  To be something in America does not always require work and doing the work puts you in good favor with our universe and this feminine force of a planet.

Any man or woman (I differ here on some Matriarchs) working as or wishing to work as a political leader without real-world job experience must never be allowed to become a political leader in America as it corrupts the moral fiber of our nation setting the universe itself against us.  Obama wounds the nation deeply in many ways and perhaps the main way manifests like a black cloud over the nation or an atmosphere of doom from his mere presence as a world leader of little to no merit. 

"Assuming 2.67% RGDP growth for 2016, Obama will leave office having produced an average of 1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)"  Louis Woodhill, Economist

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There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.
Ludwig Von Mises

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mission Purpose: Prevent Extinction Species Humanity

COMMAND TRANSMISSION:  Ongoing study human species consigning special life form planet Earth.  Mission... identity implanted human host DNA.

MISSION COMMAND: Find true identity.  Discover mission.  Master human DNA code.

MISSION PURPOSE: Prevent extinction species humanity

TRANSPORT: Electromagnetic Light

TOOLS: Human intellect, planet nature, other humans

CODE NAME: Firestorm Omega

MISSION START: 11.30.1956





COMMAND TRANSMISSION: Greetings Firestorm Omega confirmed.

FIRESTORM OMEGA: Estimated point of no return: 3.03.2023


PLAN: Burning a fascist patriarchal matrix and feminist retaliation insanity to ashes spawning mythical Phoenix and Goddess of Creation to halt downward spiral of humanity through fireball of inspiration for next American President.  Additionally forming new political party based in reason, spirituality, and natural order of humanity.
Kevin McCarthy fell asleep with love and woke to Pod Person in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Awakening in a savage world where the best in society are punished and the worst elevated to celebrity status tends to put a person in a bad mood.  Nevertheless, I have accepted my fate no matter the dark hours ahead in an atmosphere of spiritual impotence.  Citizens worship leaders looking very much like parasites and fall victim to the same rhetorical delusions every four years.  They are about to elect the next leader and by no coincidence awareness came just in time to give the journey a frantic nature.  I remember thinking of a character from an old film, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers  where Kevin McCarthy portrays a respectable Doctor driven almost mad trying to convince the world that Pod People were invading Earth.  While I now know what he must have felt, I also know my message would be an even harder sell as it appears the Pod People are really here and some of the humans are working with them unknowingly bringing an end to the species even sooner than if left to their own devices.
Middle: Kevin McCarthy pleads to Shrinks in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Scorpio contact may have fallen victim to native delusions resembling some type of Neurotoxin leaving otherwise intelligent victims unable to reason and overly emotional. It is difficult to discern between those unable to understand their own emotions and those faking and genuinely evil.  Cannot understand fully the reasons for such a contact, but an idea of faith paves a way to comprehension at some point.  

Based on recent contact here with lifeforms apparently more advanced than humans, first phase of work here deemed successful.  Hummingbirds may come to symbolize more than new spirituality bringing this world back from the edge of the abyss.  Other signs appear signaling a coming end to a malevolent government system broken and rotten to the very core.

This Democrat Party and their rival Republicans seem to be major obstacles to mission success and intelligent communication with such government leaders on this matter appear to be unwise.  It appears millions if not billions of their citizens have had their lives ruined by their different governments rendering them unfit for survival. Overpopulation in an effort to defeat a disease they carry creates more disease. Their numbers must be thinned to move ahead. There is no other way to ensure mission success.

This world both hates and fears women.  It explains simply why they can no longer reproduce. Still, it is not that simple.  Can find only one other on planet who understands the matter even slightly.  Camille Paglia is one of their great thinkers which seems to prevent her and others like her from rising to political office as a leader.  Again, it explains a bit of why they can no longer reproduce and must procreate without the benefit of love creating life like so much fungi in a Petri Dish or test tube.  Many of them actually believe it to be ethical and a viable way out of the problem created by this particular government.  A world that hates and fears their Matriarchs embraces immorality and ignorance.  It is nearly a loveless world held together by pretense and fear.

With all the darkness this world entails, still there is hope.  There is a group called "Women Against Feminism" showing much promise.  Celebrity Matriarchs are announcing their love for marriage and family and as they do, Firestorm Omega casts a pink bubble protecting them from malevolence.  Pagan religions continue to thrive and are on the rise.  Words from a major religion say the meek shall inherit the Earth and Firestorm Omega saw this as manifest destiny for the Pagans as they have never started any wars in the name of their religions nor burned and murdered women claiming religious freedom to do so.  Pagans stand ready not to take back this Earth but to have it placed in their nurturing hands.

The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs.

That is the plan for now.  More to follow.

Firestorm Omega Transmission End.


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Little Goddess

Patricia Neal- The Day the Earth Stood Still
Mystics say be careful what you wish for and to watch my thoughts.  Thoughts are energy and energy must go somewhere.  Albert Einstein confirms what ancients knew long before we were so civilized.  Still, if such is true then someone could simply create a new and better world with thoughts alone.  Why has it not been done?  Why is there suffering?  Either there are a lot of selfish or ineffective thinkers out there or Einstein and the Mystics were wrong.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another 
-Albert Einstein

The Dalai Lama in his eminence has foreseen that the world will be saved by our American women. And, he seems quite certain of it.  If more cards are played here then we should inform skeptics Nostradamus predicted similar such events.  We can be sure those women shall not be lead by a Feminist or Feminist Prince.  Feminism as an ideology is surrounded by an inferno and it gets hotter than mortal minds care to fathom until there is nothing left of a vapid virus.  Public education has dumbed down the American child to such a point that they think Feminism and women's rights go hand in hand and it is far from the truth.  Feminism has no leader and never will.  Even if there were a leader of an ideology that hates men, kills boys, and causes young women to "unsex" themselves, what type of person would follow?  Ask yourself that question again and again.  What type of man would follow the vapid Gloria Steinem or politically-correct Naomi Wolf?  So then, it stands to reason that something else is going on here or has yet to go on here if we are to humor the great prophets.

Gort; indestrucable Robot - The Day the Earth Stood Still
Spiritually condemned, Hollywood gives us nothing if not a wealth of analogies on which one may draw upon, a pot of gold glowing in anecdotes and quotes to ease a realization confirming reality be a bit stranger than fiction.  Let us pay homage to the classic Sci-Fi Film, The Day the Earth Stood Still from 1951 to explain a poetic view.  Earth is told in no uncertain terms to seek nuclear peace or higher beings would send their android robot as a global Sheriff.  Forever encircling the Earth and able to scan for violence against nations, Gort would move on and destroy all aggressors no questions asked.  Well, if energy cannot be destroyed and must go somewhere, why cannot words encircle this world in the same manner?

Maybe a lot of you have been trying to wish for or write a better world but were just working with the wrong set of instructions.  There are no instructions in this game.  Maybe you folks hoping and praying to end suffering were kneeling at the wrong alter.  There are no such alters on this little planet.  Well, maybe all the folks using their power of positive thinking and Quantum Theory to end homelessness and hunger in America misjudged the extent of their powers.  Quite possibly.  Perhaps my little goddess holds more cosmic power than all of your Gods.  I bet my life on it.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.   
-Albert Einstein

Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal color this classic B/W film with drama.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
One hundred thousand years or more, timeless love evens the score. 

Against all fears, Patrica Neal must enable the indestructible Robot, Gort.