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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Spiritual Loophole 1.0

Astro-Physicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson
One of the most brilliant statements coming into to my consciousness in the last 30 years or so came from famed Astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Dr. Tyson said a national survey showed that a small percentage of the top scientists in America believe in the existence of a higher being and/or are religious. He went on to say this small percentage of scientists reflect a greater percentage for the rest of society and the phenomena should not be "swept under the rug." We should study the phenomena as there is something there that is significant. It is happening and a part of our existence. To deny it is to deny humanity. 

What Dr. Tyson said has lead me to the undeniable conclusion that all humans are spiritual. Skeptics will say, 'You have no proof. Show me evidence.' How can you ever prove that all humans are spiritual? Such is why humanity nudges to the brink of extinction. Like the door to a home, the door inside some minds are closed and wonderful possibilities cannot get inside locked out like so much life experience. Linger alongside the status quo going nowhere in your brilliant doubt as true Freethinkers evolve and rise above you. Dr. Tyson is one of the most brilliant thinkers in the world. By the time humanity catches up to thinkers like him, it may be too late.

Evidence for innate spirituality in humanity begins when history is recorded for the first time and continues today. Experiential evidence resides within all and prose here shall seek to uncover it buried in the debris dumped by the patriarchal matrix. Unfortunately, spirituality is understood only slightly better than it was in ancient times. If not, humanity might be in a better predicament. Spirituality has always been the domain of religion and religion is all that is needed to prove the premise that all humans are spiritual. The question of why religion has proliferated up until now among intelligent humans is put forth on social networks with many different responses. Some humans need religion as a crutch. Some humans need religion on an existential level to explain the unexplainable or the incomprehensible. Some humans are innately stupid. Religion is a con game and all about money. I have heard many answers to the religious riddle. There is no answer to the riddle of religion like the spark provided by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. There is something there and it is that humans are spiritual beings and need a measure of spirituality for survival and evolution.

If one were interested in spirituality at any time in our history one invariably would have to seek out some form of religion. If one did seek out religion to answer an interest or need in spirituality it was more than likely that the search would end there in whatever particular religion chosen. That is to say, the quest for truth and growth would end. All religions claim to be the correct religion and one need go no further according to the dogma of each. In effect, one would fine spirituality at the price of intellectual integrity and growth. Religion necessitates giving up intellectual integrity at some point in favor of faith. Your intellect becomes overwhelmed by spirituality depending on how much of your intellect or ability to reason is given over to religious faith. Such is what all religions ask of their followers at some point. 

Plead that you are not now nor will you ever be spiritual or seek knowledge thereof in the future. I would then say you are wrong on the first two points and on the third I would say it is quite difficult to predict the future. Just because one does not acknowledge spirituality within does not mean it is not there. Spirituality can be as little as looking up at a dark star-filled sky with awe and wonder to fanaticism willing to die or kill for religion. Spirituality is the path to a higher consciousness and enlightenment. Enlightenment is what humanity needs individually to evolve and humanity for the most part has been devolving. A higher consciousness is the calling of humanity and some of you have not been listening. Humans hear and experience this calling differently. We all have a place in this world and it is found naturally through spirituality.

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Spirituality I speak of here includes religion as religion comes under a form of spirituality. Spirituality may be a general awareness and consciousness of oneself in perspective to the universe whereas religion spells out your connection to the universe in dogma influenced quite usually by guilt, fear, and eternal happiness after death. Spirituality may recognize or seek the divine in oneself, the opposite sex, nature, and the universe. Religion is an end to a means whereas spirituality is a means to an end. Furthermore, that which is the end of spirituality may be never-ending.

Whether we like it or not we are advocating a return to a spiritual way of life, one that puts spirit energy back into the materialist equation -- and this threatens the whole power base of materialist science which is at present the ruling dogma. 

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