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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spiritual Notes; Mission Log from the Edge of Time

Rare planetary alignment Jan.through Feb. 6, 2017
Planetary alignments occur now and again but Astrologers and Astronomers still consider them rare.  It depends on how many and which planets are aligning.  Let us note that eight planets aligning happen about every 500 years. Five planets come into alignment beginning inauguration night and ending in February.  There could be no better time to have a presidential inauguration and rebounding spirit of hope for a nation.  ANYONE inaugurated on such a day would be looked upon as a King of Kings in ancient times. Thinking it to be a coincidence is just foolhardy. At this particular time in world history and especially January 20, these particular five planets aligning seem to be given to a certain Spiritual Warrior.

Need to imagine some readers are not aware and give some perspective especially for the absolute skeptic.  We all have an Astrological Natal Chart often displayed in wheel form corresponding to the moment and place we are born.  The two most important elements of your chart are your Rising Sign and Moon Sign. Twelve moons correspond to the zodiac and where your moon resides determines emotional dynamics to a degree.  At any rate, our moon could have been in eleven other signs of the zodiac on January 20, 2017. Scorpio Moon peaking for a Poet colors five planets in rare alignment at a pivotal time for humanity.

Cosmic mission to save a savage world in critical condition dying fast appears complete. Walking away with faith seems a personal test. Walking away does not entail taking it easy removed from savage fray. No, really big tears wait now for imagination and passion to try and embrace.  (Never really know what poetic musings here mean until much later.  Shame I have to decode my own work)

Blessings and curses... Sagittarius deals out retribution often launching flaming arrows from hell.  Why don't I just wish for world peace on my night of nights and stop throwing fireballs? You think they would make it easy for a once reluctant Poet. An easy path where one does not earn it creates spiritual impotence.  
One drawback to cosmic power as it concerns affecting humans is that I cannot make a dishonest man honest if he does not have honesty in him.  I cannot give someone what they do not possess. Furthermore, real cosmic super hero type power could only be given to a very few Earth Goddesses on this planet now showing signs of serious intelligent life and spirit.  This world may not deserve such women quite yet.  More garbage needs taking out in this world so that Beauty may step in unfettered and reign forevermore.

Fighting against planetary power influenced greatly by Scorpio Moon is a losing proposition.  Creativity gets involved.  Liberal Democrats fight a losing battle and given other unsavory revelations recently brought to light by Wikileaks, it is hard seeing them relevant ever again in the coming renaissance. Planetary alignments shall end yet words of magick magnified by their cosmic power come designed to last one hundred thousand years.  The age of Beauty has begun.

California Dreaming

Speaking of Liberal Democrats and a need to stop throwing fireballs on this planet where the apes are in charge, I actually got an idea on how California might be saved that does not include one hundred feet of ocean water over New Sodom and Gomorrah.  Yes, Los Angeles is a cesspool and the state a haven for some of the worst bureaucratic parasites in the nation.  (Mayor Eric Garcetti was on a list of possible running mates for HRC) However, not all Californians are Liberal Loons.  Hell, Clinton Eastwood lives here.  So, what if California is a victim like America was a victim for eight years?

California may not deserve much of the creepy, freaky, police state reputation it has earned over the years.  I would ask our new president and his federal law enforcement agencies to investigate select Democrat Politicians in the State of California for voter fraud.

Ideas on neutering a dangerous liberal media including Hollywood should be expected like procrastination cluttered in this head to break out eventually. Until then, may the force of your Natal Chart be with you.