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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Star Trek" Connections to the Matriarch Society

Gene Rodenberry came to mind as a man who may have had a 'cosmic transference' experience and as a result became a legendary science fiction author.  I suspect this because many of his ideas or glimpses into other worlds he provided through stories resonated with the Poet during a period which lacking a term for at this time I will call cosmic transference after-effects.  I remember being able to see the culture of ancient Rome from a completely new angle and it was not my attention to see Rome at all.  Still, my story continues to be written as it is interwoven with the coming Matriarchs and as such becomes a part of the future.

Some of you know I am called to study the High Arts and in my studies I came across a mention of Mr. Rodenberry attending a channeling session and I thought that it did not surprise me.  There is a heavy Star Trek connection to my journey connecting the dots between science and spirituality and perhaps it is a byproduct of my mission bringing disciplines together or perhaps a type of synchronicity as yet unrealized.  In any event, here are just some Matriarch Society connections to a beloved Star Trek.

"Assignment Earth" pairs cool secret agent type Robert Lansing and a delightful Teri Garr as his new secretary in a type of mistaken identity when they meet as he is a secret agent from the future and thinks his new secretary is his contact.  Agent Gary Seven is sent to set back the American space program by some years preventing nuclear war.  According to Seven, he has to destroy a launching rocket at the very last second.  It is no coincidence that my vision of extinction and resulting solution of the 'Matriarch Society' would come now as America prepares to elect its first female President.  This connects to my belief that humanity had to look right into the abyss of extinction before pulling back just in time and having the shock propel the culture forward to higher thinking. 

"The Gamesters of Triskelion" sees Captain Kirk, Spock, and Uhura kidnapped by powerful aliens and forced to fight other captives as they wager on the outcome.  A rather bizarre plot when you think of it but the connection here is the rich irony of the Matriarch Society as solution to a riddle perhaps one hundred thousand years old represented as problem and solution in women.  As the most powerful country in this world, it may be cosmically ironic that the person who seals the fate of the world and humanity could quite possibly be the very representative of the riddle and solution.  Science knows we are being scanned and watched from afar.  Perhaps I am the only one who can see this irony for now.  The first chance humanity has to break the vicious cycle against women and avert extinction could be betrayed by a woman!  Somewhere, someone or some beings must be wagering on the outcome or waiting for a laugh... or cheers.

"Tomorrow is Yesterday" is one of the many episodes concerning time travel and for the connection see A Political Slingshot Effect.

Star Trek: The Next Generation made stars of several actors not the least of which is Marina Sirtis who was the reigning sex symbol of Star Fleet until Voyager raised the ante substantially.

 photo deanna_zpslefny6ix.jpg
Mirina Sirtis as Troi
Nevertheless, Next Gen introduced Deanna Troi to the bridge and her paranormal talents as an "Empath".  The coming matriarch society sees a similar union between science and what is known now as the occult.  Astrology will be an accredited course in college and you can expect to see at least one cable channel specializing in paranormal science and spirituality.  Psychic Healers will come out of the closet and medical doctors will go into the closet.

We saw this psychic meets science in a great sci-fi movie, The Black Hole where the connection was between woman and robot.  What I've been through and where humanity is going I can safely say that this is not out of the realm of possibility in the future.  Of course you must imagine a future sans malefic idiotic government and evil religion.