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Friday, December 9, 2016

Lords of Sagittarius

Corinne Heline, Spiritualist
Early in human evolution the Lords of Mind radiated from themselves the shining essence containing the seed of the human mind. In other words, these great Beings bestowed upon man the priceless gift which lifts him above the animal kingdom and opens a way whereby he may become as a god. 
—The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline
Spiritual journeys often take lifetimes according to advanced Mystics. Time itself may offer the final frontier not as immaterial concept to be exploited for greed and power but bridge to other worlds and higher thinking. Only beings of higher consciousness conquer time and humanity for the most part does not come close today. Science explains time but looking at this world one would not think even scientists understand completely fabrics holding our universe together. As our world turns slowly away from darkness by power of magick and celestial aspects, time waits for Champions to formulate spiritual plans building a new nation as America can finally understand rainbows waiting at the end of a cosmic road.
This is vitally important work because a highly trained but unillumined materialistic mind is the most sinister force in the world at the present time. St. Paul aptly termed it "the power of darkness." Such minds are being used by the Black Forces as their most responsive instruments for bringing about chaos, dissolution and the eventual destruction of the entire earthly realm. This is the crisis now confronting humanity. 
The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline
Such plans wait not too far away for higher consciousness and freethinking Americans to put together building a new world where achievements are not measured in dollars. Spiritually potent matriarchs and beauty rule in our future as characteristics needed to govern and advance civilization in the appropriate direction shines brightest in our women. Baby steps to that future have already been taken as monsters hiding in plain sight are exposed like cockroaches scattering across a kitchen floor when one turns on the light. Now that we see them and their awful liberal media protectors, especially dangerous evil can and will be exterminated.

Great darkness before the beautiful dawn was predicted and one should not be surprised as we are exposed now to what appears to be the worst U.S. President imaginable protecting and involved in a pedophile sex-trafficking ring embedded in the heart of government across the globe. 

Spiritual Warrior encourages humanity to evaluate life and choose a side as only innocents shall not be judged. Until then, powers radiating from Constellation Sagittarius guide promises of more love lifting lowly humans in need to higher thinking and consciousness. However, parasites and monsters find no love here as it should be in the heart of all decency.

Sagittarius, the only zodiac sign brandishing a weapon delivers retribution when needed.  Mythic planetary Trigon powers cosmic will summoned by timeless tears now holding dominion over degenerate halls of Washington, D.C. to perverted palaces of Saudi Arabia. Let pedophiles and government parasites like our President Barack Obama and John Podesta come to know abject fear comprehending unstoppable approaching doom.