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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Synchronicity and Zodiac Sign 13

Ophiuchus, the so-called 13th Zodiac Sign
Our good friend Science decided it was past time to update the High Art of Astrology and threw a monkey wrench into the world of Spirit, Magick, and Horoscopes by doing the math required to delineate the 13th Zodiac sign known as Ophiuchus.  It appears the 13th sign has been there all along and the ancients for some reason decided to ignore it.

Apparently, 13 sun signs were used long ago in Sidereal Astrology.  As a youngster in the world of astrology, it would take someone more in tune with the Arts to explain exactly what Sidereal Astrology entails.  Thankfully, an explanation of ancient astrology is not necessary for the thesis here.  

Science gave us back the 13th sun sign not in an effort to help but to discredit, embarrass, and bring general chaos to those of us with higher consciousness most probably out of envy.  Astrologers and those of us entering new spirituality are not thrown into chaos with the announcement and rebirth of Ophiuchus.  According to Science, the news affects 86% of us.  That is to say, our natal charts and horoscopes have been cast in error and need recalculating.  I disagree.  The ancients in almost every culture were more spiritually advanced or in touch with spirit than modern society.  So then, we can bet that the ancients had good reasons for ignoring the 13th sign and we should not try to out-smart them.

I believe it was Constantine the Great who became so great because of the casting of his natal chart by Vettius Valens, a novice Astrologer at the time fell to his knees and wept at the feet of the Ruler upon casting and reading Constantine’s chart.  Apparently, he was the second coming of Christ or something and the young Astrologer told him as much.   Constantine went on to be such a great Roman Emperor that he is credited with creating the fall of Rome and emergence of Christianity. Many years later his chart was cast again by a modern astrologer and it was found that the original natal chart of Constantine was cast completely in error. 

Planets and stars affect us but are also there as powerful tools for our use as well.  All advanced mystics know that human will is greater than the power of any planet or star.

Do not pull your hair out over the news of Ophiuchus.  Rejoice!  It is just another sign the status-quo creating an ugly loveless world of machines, monsters and their prey is coming to an unmerciful end.  Imagine greater and get ready to build a new world.  

Here then are my top ten reasons why the 13th Zodiac sign gives those of us on a spiritual journey no cause for concern.  If incorporated, it arrives in perfect harmony with “synchronicity" of the great Carl Jung and approaching matriarch society.

1.   Astrology is not based on constellations as there are other more powerful constellations than Ophiuchus not listed on the Zodiac.  There is a fine argument for this in a video below and not all Astrologers are long-haired Hippies.  Some of them come from the ranks of science.

2.   Constellation Ophiuchus is not very bright meaning it radiates little power on us lowly humans.  Maybe this is why the ancients ignored it.  There is literature to suggest it should be treated like a leap year.  Perhaps it comes into significant aspect every 3 years.

3.   Astrology is different in almost every nation.  Vedic Astrology of India uses 7 planets only as did the ancients.   So then, Astrology behaves to whatever dynamics humans ascribe to it to a degree.  Quantum Theory is about what you believe. The Poet seems to sense more than experts think they know here.

Astrology cannot be explained by any single theoretical framework, but must be viewed against a specific religious, philosophical, social, and political background and, equally importantly, from the perspective of individual practitioners working within a particular milieu in a particular place, in a particular decade of a particular century.  
              -Liz Greene, Astrologer Extraordinaire

4.   Thirteen is a sacred number, a spiritual number, a number with great power for those in tune with spirit and a source of great fear to those who live by pretense.  Pretense has ruled this world for thousands of years driving humanity to the end of the road called extinction.  As pretense dies, spiritual energy awakens and rules the future.  Those with spirit do not fear the number 13 but welcome it like magick it brings.

5.   Science looks silly for not doing the math a long time ago.  Maybe their computers were running slow or something.  This shows that Science must stop being such an insufferable snob and work with the High Arts as they are much older and more powerful than Science.  Science seems jealous for not giving humanity a viable answer to the extinction riddle.  Spirituality delivered that solution and holds all keys to Utopia until science can catch up getting out of the mud of pretense— pretending it is the new God.  

6.   Bringing back Ophiuchus may unite all the different varieties of Astrology.  I have said that one day Astrology will join the ranks of academics and you will be able to get a Ph.D in Astrology.  Maybe Ophiuchus is the nexus to our astrological future of love and prosperity free from government parasites and their zombies.  Rally ‘round thirteen!

7.   These enlightened eyes were looking for an astronomical sign among our starry night sky signaling the dawning of the matriarch society and end to a cruel circus of status-quo politics of fools.  Pluto is no longer a planet having been unceremoniously down-graded by Science and that event could not be a sign for positive change.  NASA’s Kepler  Space Telescope recently discovered a new planet and that more than makes up for old Pluto.  (Pluto may rise from the dead again)  Planet Proxima Centauri-B needed a better name and Astrologers should write letters of protest around the fact that astronomers and scientists are artistically and poetically inept.  They should appoint a group of Poets and Astrologers to name planets. 

Snake Charmer has flare and bravado.  Think of government and the status-quo as a snake (shouldn’t be hard to do).  We must charm the dangerous reptile with magick as we retake our planet just in time to destroy human monsters and save a dying world.

8.   Zodiac Signs are the least powerful element of tools and forces at our disposal to learn lessons while multiplying and prospering on this planet.  Meandering through incarnations we go through all sun signs until getting it right. Planets and aspects hold the power and they shall not change much in your natal chart.  

9.   Firestorm Omega arrived here under a Trigon of planets holding great mythological and real power including Ares the God of War, the Father of Time Saturn, and Uranus the World Maker holding domain over earthquakes and tsunamis.  Nerds and Geeks say coincidence while the great Jung would say, “synchronicity, Baby!”

10.  The Warrior is given mythic ruthless planets as tools and great magick to battle epic evil of this world.  Apparently, humanity is that important. The Dalai Lama told you folks how it would end and so did Nostradamus.  The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs. 

The "Secret Cross" well known for great power found on few as are two.

Natal Chart of Firestorm Omega aka Alan Paine