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Monday, August 29, 2016

Nobel Pursuits: An Open Letter to Sir Richard Dawkins

Sir Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist
Dear Sir;

Forgive the intrusion into such a brilliant world but I put this 
off long enough. The Selfish Gene, your remarkable book on evolution, biology, and human behavior like our world itself looks a bit different seen through eyes immersed in turbo-charged enlightenment.  It was only a matter of time until this Poet with Leo rising would entertain one of the world's great Thinkers.  Certainly, with all due respect I must take issue with your theory.

There is no such thing as a selfish gene. There are only bad

and selfish governments. Citizens and resulting culture are products and byproducts of government.  Selfish corrupt incompetent government produces citizens reflected through the looking glass.  It is the true trickle-down effect. Chaos produces enough Thinkers and Freedom Fighters to keep the system afloat offering hope for a brighter future. That future has arrived. 

My apologies for not shedding enlightenment on this matter earlier but been a little busy here with our own bad government and the riddle.

Your good friend, Neil degrasse Tyson inspired part of the answer to a long standing riddle of humanity. Why can we no longer reproduce? Such is the extinction riddle and the answer comes as an immensely complex problem. The solution to that immensely complex problem is a prescribed matriarch society.

I do fall off the planet at times and keep in touch with issues poorly. However, I have a notion this selfish gene thing could create a minor storm threatening to drive all good women away from Atheism. I am here to drive them to Spirituality as an Atheist transitioning to Spirituality. Nevertheless, I  see how a selfish gene theory could have negative effects particularly on women and our world. I suspect it is a matter best dropped altogether.  

This spider-web of interrelated blogs sheds more light on my evolutionary theories along with a book coming soon. Any who, here are some revelations that could use contemplation of a brilliant mind. This list does not represent all I must deal with on this planet as some labors are mine alone. Presented for your consideration, here then are evolutionary pronouncements more befitting a brilliant mind as noble pursuits:
1) Cosmic Transference; a phrase I coined to describe turbo-charged enlightenment shared by many men including Joseph Smith, Charles Manson, Albert Einstein, Nikolai Tesla, and many others. I believe it explains the formation of all known religions. It is the Heterosexual Nexus and responsible in large part for raising intellect of the Poet and this letter.
2) The Spiritual Loophole; another coined phrase inspired by Dr. Tyson provides the last argument for why religion continues for so long. In short, humans are inherently spiritual and need spirituality for survival and evolution but do not understand what they need and can be taken advantage of by fill in the blank in pursuit of what is vital.
3) Abortion is to humans as a pack of lions are to a herd of zebra. The fundamental difference is humans have free will or at least she did have free will until the advent of bad government. (That revelation adds support to the no such thing “selfish gene”.)  No adequate abortion also explains devolving species, making human monsters, and more. Her free will in this matter represents the essence of “natural selection”. 
4) Spiritual knowledge here regarding extinction species humanity appears superior to Science. Not sure if reproductive experts know it, but there is a point of no return different for all nations regarding extinction. Sorry to say, Great Britain appears past the point of no return. "Brexit", I believe, is an attempt to right the ship.

Well, if that does not provide an aspiring person food for thought then it affirms a species desperately seeking apocalypse. May the force of reason be with you. Oh yeah, this is the Dawning of the Matriarch Society.

Best Wishes,
Alan Kenneth Paine
Marquis Who’s Who in America 
Arts & Literature 2005-2010

Cc; Neil deGrasse Tyson