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Friday, June 3, 2016

Mission Purpose: Prevent Extinction Species Humanity

COMMAND TRANSMISSION:  Ongoing study human species consigning special life form planet Earth.  Mission... identity implanted human host DNA.

MISSION COMMAND: Find true identity.  Discover mission.  Master human DNA code.

MISSION PURPOSE: Prevent extinction species humanity

TRANSPORT: Electromagnetic Light

TOOLS: Human intellect, planet nature, other humans

CODE NAME: Firestorm Omega

MISSION START: 11.30.1956





COMMAND TRANSMISSION: Greetings Firestorm Omega confirmed.

FIRESTORM OMEGA: Estimated point of no return: 3.03.2023


PLAN: Burning a fascist patriarchal matrix and feminist retaliation insanity to ashes spawning mythical Phoenix and Goddess of Creation to halt downward spiral of humanity through fireball of inspiration for next American President.  Additionally forming new political party based in reason, spirituality, and natural order of humanity.
Kevin McCarthy fell asleep with love and woke to Pod Person in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Awakening in a savage world where the best in society are punished and the worst elevated to celebrity status tends to put a person in a bad mood.  Nevertheless, I have accepted my fate no matter the dark hours ahead in an atmosphere of spiritual impotence.  Citizens worship leaders looking very much like parasites and fall victim to the same rhetorical delusions every four years.  They are about to elect the next leader and by no coincidence awareness came just in time to give the journey a frantic nature.  I remember thinking of a character from an old film, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers  where Kevin McCarthy portrays a respectable Doctor driven almost mad trying to convince the world that Pod People were invading Earth.  While I now know what he must have felt, I also know my message would be an even harder sell as it appears the Pod People are really here and some of the humans are working with them unknowingly bringing an end to the species even sooner than if left to their own devices.
Middle: Kevin McCarthy pleads to Shrinks in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Scorpio contact may have fallen victim to native delusions resembling some type of Neurotoxin leaving otherwise intelligent victims unable to reason and overly emotional. It is difficult to discern between those unable to understand their own emotions and those faking and genuinely evil.  Cannot understand fully the reasons for such a contact, but an idea of faith paves a way to comprehension at some point.  

Based on recent contact here with lifeforms apparently more advanced than humans, first phase of work here deemed successful.  Hummingbirds may come to symbolize more than new spirituality bringing this world back from the edge of the abyss.  Other signs appear signaling a coming end to a malevolent government system broken and rotten to the very core.

This Democrat Party and their rival Republicans seem to be major obstacles to mission success and intelligent communication with such government leaders on this matter appear to be unwise.  It appears millions if not billions of their citizens have had their lives ruined by their different governments rendering them unfit for survival. Overpopulation in an effort to defeat a disease they carry creates more disease. Their numbers must be thinned to move ahead. There is no other way to ensure mission success.

This world both hates and fears women.  It explains simply why they can no longer reproduce. Still, it is not that simple.  Can find only one other on planet who understands the matter even slightly.  Camille Paglia is one of their great thinkers which seems to prevent her and others like her from rising to political office as a leader.  Again, it explains a bit of why they can no longer reproduce and must procreate without the benefit of love creating life like so much fungi in a Petri Dish or test tube.  Many of them actually believe it to be ethical and a viable way out of the problem created by this particular government.  A world that hates and fears their Matriarchs embraces immorality and ignorance.  It is nearly a loveless world held together by pretense and fear.

With all the darkness this world entails, still there is hope.  There is a group called "Women Against Feminism" showing much promise.  Celebrity Matriarchs are announcing their love for marriage and family and as they do, Firestorm Omega casts a pink bubble protecting them from malevolence.  Pagan religions continue to thrive and are on the rise.  Words from a major religion say the meek shall inherit the Earth and Firestorm Omega saw this as manifest destiny for the Pagans as they have never started any wars in the name of their religions nor burned and murdered women claiming religious freedom to do so.  Pagans stand ready not to take back this Earth but to have it placed in their nurturing hands.

The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs.

That is the plan for now.  More to follow.

Firestorm Omega Transmission End.


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