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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Averting Dark Agendas

Micro-second by micro-second a dark future paved by the patriarch matrix is being averted.  Wheels driving mankind to the extinction abyss move slowly.  It remains a severe problem unacknowledged by a selfie-selfish generation and their makers because the actual event happens in a distant future.  Nevertheless, there is a point of no return that experts see in the number of children produced or fertility rates.  No culture has ever reversed a fertility rate of less than 2.11 children per family in our known history.  It is why I am here.

As the final chapter is written, it should have been a woman taking humanity to salvation opening a door to a prescribed matriarch society.  Dark details of a journey into light begin in darkness.  To get to the light we must first go into darkness of our own minds and beyond.  Spiritual Warriors cannot be concerned with details on the Quantum Field.  Warriors care little of the battles but seek to win the war!

Many years ago a high-tech engineering genius friend related to me that the extra-terrestrials commonly known in UFO circles as the “Grays” were in fact us from the future.  Grays are also thought of as the malevolent aliens.  They have no discernible sex organs.   Look at the photo collage posted here and tell me or yourself if there are similarities?  Ask yourself; why most all alien abduction stories involve tests on our reproductive system?  Let me remind you that my mission here is to prevent species extinction by infertility.  Ask yourself some questions.  Doing the work is important and some answers you will not get here.  You will get questions.  Why are there similarities in the pics?  What would our eyes look like if we had to live under ground for a few thousand years?  Why would we need to live under ground for a few thousand years?  Which political party in the 2016 presidential election fanned flames of nuclear war with Russia?  Which political party pushes a gender-neutral agenda?  


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