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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Attempting Political Slingshot Effect

Hillary Clinton
The "slingshot effect" was popularized and used in the original Star Trek episode, "Tomorrow is Yesterday".  According to Memory, it is also known as the  light-speed breakaway factor, and is a method of time travel through an artificially-created time warp.  This complicated science-fiction maneuver is created by a vehicle or space craft travelling towards a large planet or star with high gravitational force allowing the space craft to increase speed incredibly towards destruction but using that speed to break away at the last second preventing the ship from being destroyed and sending it back in time.

It was Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise originally performing this maneuver as a last ditch effort to save their ship and of course it worked.  Now, a Poet uses this maneuver in a political theater endorsing Hillary Clinton.  It is not a last ditch effort but it is close as America faces down species extinction.

Readers must be reminded that the Poet hails from Libertarian political philosophy and a sudden shift to one of the status quo parties should be questioned.  I have not lost my mind- far from it as turbo-charged enlightenment has raised intellect to a future awaiting the rest of humanity.

A vision of extinction was researched and it turned out to be true.  Yet, research revealed extinction symptoms that were well known as infertility and not the true message of my vision.  So then, America and humanity faces a problem that is far worse.

We come now to she who would become the first female President of these United States of America.  She knows about extinction but does she know that she represents a significant part of the cause?  I should think not.  Therefore, plan A (in a sense) is to speed up the cause of extinction here in America using angry speed generated by Barack Obama and perhaps Mrs. Clinton to pull us back from the dark abyss at the last possible second generating enough momentum to send us back in time to part of the extinction solution finding once again the Mother Goddess.

Plan B is a new political party where  men exalt Matriarchs into political office.  That dynamic does not resemble marriage and family by coincidence and the problem of extinction in this world was given to the Poet for good reasons.  America will live to see another episode and go where few nations have gone becoming Masters of Evolution.

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