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Monday, November 26, 2018

Laying Down Natural Law

For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. -Sir Isaac Newton

Logic works poorly on infants and on a growing number of adults as well it would seem.  Fortunately, universal laws need not the recognition of fools to remain valid.  Truth and consequences go on with or without you.  A stunningly successful Donald Trump presidency goes on without the recognition of Democrats or their mainstream media.  Perhaps they believe by not acknowledging truth, it does not exist.  Perhaps leftists really believe they can write and portray reality that does not exist thereby creating the perverted reality they crave.  Do liberals really work on a different type of logic than normal humans?  Why are so many people vulnerable to unscrupulous con men and your average government parasite?  With six more years to travel on the Trump Train, will Democrats ever learn to cope?

A necessity for infants that is also conducive to better health and happiness for adults, trust, she points out, “is the more beneficial evolutionary path.” And when our emotions are aroused, they tend to trump reason. Other factors increasing our vulnerability include the “Lake Woebegone Effect” (an unwavering commitment to the notion that we are better than almost anyone else); “confirmation bias” (a predisposition to process evidence to support what we already expect to be true);  
-Glen C. Altschuler, Ph.D.

As our nation revels in growing awareness and the promise of a better future, political opponents to the man principally responsible could not be more adverse to national prosperity.  Democrats and their mainstream media wish to paint Lord of the Deal as some kind of racist monster and by belaboring the point turn such accusations against themselves.  

Discerning minds wish to know why Trump was never accused of rape or racism while starring in a major network reality TV Show (The Apprentice) for fourteen years?  Why was El Trumpio never accused of rape or being a racist between 1983-1985 when he owned the USFL New Jersey Generals featuring Heisman Trophy Winner, Herschel Walker?  Why did heinous charges against Trump suddenly appear once he declared himself as a political opponent to Hillary Clinton?  Democrats, their mainstream media and supporters seem to hate Trump even more because their habit of smearing opponents is not working against the lionhearted.  

“People who claim that they're evil are usually no worse than the rest of us... It's people who claim that they're good, or any way better than the rest of us, that you have to be wary of.” 
― Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Democrats by default and directly in some cases claim to be the good guys, better than their Republican opponents, Saints looking out for the best interests of immigrants, minorities, and the poor. Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and the continued arrest and convictions of Democrat politicians and their operatives for a myriad of crimes speak against their angelic pronouncements.

America gains needed awareness becoming smarter by default as a direct result of the over the top unhinged

behavior of leftists on multiple platforms desperate to undermine the presidency of Leo rising. Let a cosmic declaration be repeated in hopes of saving borderline fools. Treat Leo rising fairly or suffer the consequences of cold karma. Hate aimed at the Champion comes back to thee times three.

Two years into a Herculean presidency igniting the last renaissance and leftist celebrities in particular still can't cope. What kind of role-models are people like Robert DeNiro and Barbara Streisand to their children?  Streisand alienated her stepfather and can be argued to have grown up fatherless.  Deniro's father was an actor and closet homosexual.  One must now wonder at the quality of children they have produced.  I am created to ask difficult questions and have also asked this question about serial liberal rapist, Bill Cosby (expect a blog soon entitled, Quality Life). 

Liberal ideology and therefore the people themselves are being rendered extinct before our very eyes. One wonders if even Newton's third law of motion can explain the situation to them. For every action... Eight years of Obama created the need for Trump. Liberal hatred appears completely misplaced.

This is why on a mundane level Jupiter governs money and finance (along with Venus), simply because money is a mobilizing agent. Jupiter is sociable, governing travel and finance, is of fulfillment, and is future oriented. Jupiter is the Spiritual Law Giver (beyond the laws of man), supporting us to mobilize and live our greater Spiritual Truth.

Born from tiny timeless tears over thousands of oppressive years under malingering evil, a cosmic firestorm rages on laying waste to spiritual cancer of a decaying world.  Adapt or perish forevermore as another vague victim, a cultural casualty in the battle against the rule of extinction.  #Resistance is futile.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Exploring Einstein's Brain: The Cosmic Love Factor

Here’s how smart Einstein was — he understood all too well the public’s obsession with him, our obsession with celebrity and special-ness. He knew that if given the chance, scientists would pour over his brain’s neurons and glia, sulci and gyri, and make grand pronouncements about what makes a genius. And he knew it would be bullshit. 
Virginia Hughes

Recently, fate brought writings of M. Scott Peck to my attention on this timeless mission to prevent species extinction.  Thoughts on love in his bestselling book from 1987, The Road Less Traveled; A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth compel notes here.

Doctors embracing spirituality seems to be an increasing cultural event.  Peck is probably not the first psycho-therapist to combine a sense of spirituality in his work with patients. He is probably first to share his thoughts on the subject in a concise entertaining book that lifts humanity up on the evolutionary ladder. That is not to say that his every word is gospel. I have some disagreements on his thoughts of love and will discuss them fully in my future book covering the heterosexual magic taking place in love and sexual love.

Peck echoes sentiments here when writing that many dimensions of love are not covered completely in his book simply because they are difficult to understand. He intimates that the best people for the job of explaining love, “are those among the religious who are students of Mystery.” Well, he is at least close to solving the conundrum of love. Rather like the father of psychiatry, 
Sigmund FreudPeck is not perfect but still pioneering providing a starting point from which others can follow and expand.

Falling in love in itself is not always love. Falling in love only requires actions by one person. Further, often falling in love is actually infatuation or fascination. However, to say that the sensation of falling in love does not last is incorrect.  Even one-sided love can be forever as fans love Elvis and Marylin Monroe.  Falling in love sensations may not last for most people but some lovebirds fall in love and remain in love forever.

Mlieva Maric, Einstein's first wife, 1875-1948

Love embraced the wonderful mind of Albert Einstein in 1897 when first meeting his future wife, Mileva Maric.  Earth goddess and brilliant physicist herself, they met attending Zurich Polytechnic School in Switzerland.  Although the marriage would last some twenty years, they were actually separated in 1904.  Einstein love letters speaks of great passion for Mileva and offers a telltale clue to a discerning spiritual mind regarding the cosmic source of his most brilliant discovery. 

When I’m not with you I feel as if I’m not whole. When I sit, I want to walk; when I walk, I’m looking forward to going home; when I’m amusing myself, I want to study; when I study, I can’t sit still and concentrate; and when I go to sleep, I’m not satisfied with how I spent the day.
…tender kisses from your

There is a metaphysical phenomena taking place between men and women powered by love.  I call this phenomena, Cosmic Transference; The Heterosexual Nexus and posit it as the spark behind visions and enlightenment events of several notable men, famous and infamous.  This revelation was born from two different enlightenment events of my own.  As a Poet of some note and other factors, I have experienced perhaps more than my share of love from women in a modest lifetime.   Such experience has not been lost upon a philosophical mind.  While my experiences were not all about sexual love, there is often a sexual specter floating between the sexes in all relationships to some degree.  Some might call it "sexual tension."  After comprehending dynamics of spiritual enlightenment and reveling in awareness it brings, I must say sexual tension between the sexes appears to be elemental to species ascension.

Heterosexual love is in sync with cosmic forces.  Not everyone has the stomach for daily war with nature. 
—Camille Paglia

Clearly, I am not the first to acknowledge cosmic sparks generated by heterosexual love.  I do appear to be the first person to give it a name and expand on the concept.

Cosmic transference,  I believe also takes place between parent and child explaining the divine source of great achievements from Ayn Rand and Nikolai Tesla.  How it affects adult women is still unclear at this point.  There seems to be no ostensible example today perhaps because of the current stagnant paradigm.  More research and contemplation are needed on the matter and at least one book.  As these revelations remain new even to the messenger, our discussion here concerns the cosmic phenomena as it applies only to adults.

Science wishes to quantify love.  Shallow skeptics break love down to brain chemicals and electrical impulses firing across synapses in a way that meets their limited ability to test the untestable.  Science wishes to master the universe not through a sense of love but senses fueled by competition, careless exploitation, greed, and egomania.  Most scientists do not seek to explore but to justify ___________ (fill in the blank).

As a scientist, Einstein knew all too well the growing menace within his profession of what some call "scientism" and referred to lovingly here as, Dr. Frankenstein.  Normal doctors and scientists suffering from delusions of godhood are becoming indistinguishable.  Einstein was quite aware of problems plaguing science and his stardom.  To that end, he left written instructions on what he wished to be done with his remains after death.  Einstein wanted to be cremated and have ashes scattered in different places.  Such wishes were in place for good reasons.  Our father of relativity knew unscrupulously low levels that some men would stoop to on either side of society to own a piece of his DNA or brain.

I define evil, then, as the exercise of optical power—that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion—in order to avoid extending one’s self for the purpose of nurturing spiritual growth. Ordinary laziness is nonlove; evil is antilove. 
M. Scott Peck, Ph.D.

Albert Einstein's brain was removed and stolen by the pathologist on duty at the time of his death in 1955, Thomas Harvey.  Concerned associates believe Harvey was allowed to keep his prize through strong-arm blackmail of Einstein's son.  Harvey promised to use the famous disembodied brain for scientific research only.

Let us rephrase reasons why some scientists wanted Einstein's brain.  They wanted to find a shortcut to genius and capitalize on the discovery.  They wanted to synthesize their hoped for discovery and mass produce it achieving fame and fortune.  Science did indeed discover differences in the great Einstein brain from the rest of us.  However, a simple review of their study finds that controls were few.  In some cases data was actually faked simply to suggest that Einstein possessed an extraordinary brain on a biological level.  Were the discoveries true, someone would have been forever enriched with research grants and notoriety.

There was a personal cost, in that Einstein’s family was essentially strong-armed into agreeing to participate in research that Einstein explicitly did not want to participate in. And there was a public cost, too. In popular-press accounts of these studies over the years, the public was misled about the findings and their supposed scientific value. 
Virginia Hughes

Understanding love and sexual love should be sought in wisdom of philosophers, poets, and prostitutes.  Think on such revelation for a while and it may lead one to understand why our world is today so loveless moving towards perversion.  The propagation of love has thus far been in the wrong hands.  Science marginalizes the metaphysical nature of love like they have done to women in general.  You cannot dissect love in a laboratory forcing it to yield to exploitation and a biased narrative.  That is why love is never opined as the source of inspiration for the greatest achievement of Einstein and other great men.  Spiritual impotence could never validate such a theorem lacking aptitude for the Herculean labor. Collecting and faking data is easy.  Accepting and searching through your soul is not for pretentious minds nor the faint of heart.

Recently, on the popular cable TV series, Ancient Aliens, the theory was put forth that both Einstein and Tesla may have been helped by extraterrestrials.  While wild rhetorical questions are good for TV ratings, it marginalizes the spirit of humanity as well as being short-sighted.  Love is paradoxical.  Like spirituality, love is mystical, invigorating, difficult, seemingly never-ending in variance and humbling. It seems certain that humanity gets help from extraterrestrials from time to time in the history of the planet.  However, aliens cannot think for us.  

We are tasked here with thinking, loving, always ascending becoming as incomprehensible gods and goddesses.  Our mission encompasses lifetimes to complete and metaphysical phenomena embedded in love and sexual love are absolute keys.  Science at some point must forge a friendlier relationship with disciplines far better equipped to explore key components of human existence.


The Tragic Story of How Einstein's Brain was Stolen

Mileva Einstein-Maric

Albert Einstein's Love Letters

Mileva Maric- Wikimedia

Happy Valentines Day

Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson by Camille Paglia

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Love and Retribution: Mission Notes from the Edge of Time

Ancient history produces a list of cultures that have disappeared leaving no trace of whereabouts.  Famously, some of those lost cultures included the Maya, Olmec, and Anasazi.  That it should happen on a much larger scale in the near future would give contemporary society mythology some scholars believe is needed in culture for several reasons.  Mythology in common would unite us.  One therefore believes purification called for in awareness depths of raging fire shall not be new to the planet.  If you woke up one day to discover half the world population mysteriously missing, would that be mythic?

Warrior words fired into the quantum field were vengeful. Words can be counteracted should cultural events call for leniency. Changes in our world are indeed occurring at a speed never imagined.  Peace between North and South Korea; the FBI and DOJ are exposed as corrupt to the point of perversion; an African-American uprising among liberal Democrats led by rapper, Kanye West and political pundit, Candace Owens; Americans are driven away from the Idiot Box by horrid hypocrisy; law enforcement closing in on child sex-trafficking elite satanic pedophiles arresting Smallville star, Allison Mack and many others.  Puppet masters and their feral sheep intent upon driving this world to extinction continue in dark desperation while their world crumbles all around them.  Humanity is winning big time!

America should remember weeks before the presidential election in this spider-web of interconnected blogs being challenged to imagine having a U.S. President who spoke his mind and no more pretense. How does your world feel now? Does the American atmosphere feel revolutionary?  President Donald J. Trump arrives blessed by the divine feminine sent to prepare a dying world for evolutionary revelations here.  Epic transformations of humanity have begun.

Specifically, the world seems to be coming to an unmerciful end for the left or liberal ideology.  Their strategy of #obstruct and #resist serves to awaken and liberate America even more from status-quo programming. 

When retribution transforms into last hopes, celestial forces must be hard at work behind the scenes.  Vengeance may have been rash against those who would murder Hypatia of Alexandria and enslave the earth goddess, but what if part of the magical dynamic ridding our world of a healthy percentage of evil also offers sanctuary to those who need it most?  What happens when retribution for some becomes cosmic love for others?
Many homosexuals hide their sexuality from parents and friends still today in America because the stigma remains no matter the legalization of same-sex marriage. Suicide rates among homosexuals is much higher than heterosexuals. Transgender suicide rates are eight times higher than homosexuals. Homosexuality is not natural and just dealing with sexual urges counter-intuitive to species survival on a personal level cannot be easy. We know homosexuality is outlawed under threat of death in several nations. Imagine if you can being a homosexual in such places. It is one matter to hide your true self in an effort to avoid teasing or disappointing parents. Imagine having to hide your true self under penalty of death.

If you can imagine the stressful plight of homosexuals coping with desires counter-intuitive to species survival and hiding under a death penalty, then you can imagine further.  What if benevolent highly advanced extraterrestrials came and offered you a better life on their planet?  Other homosexuals and indeed all peoples around the world would be invited, so you would not be going alone.  Would you take their offer?  Would you choose an unknown life where you are loved?  Or, would you continue to live hiding true sexuality under stigma and death penalties?

"Involution, or the natural law of death of a pre-existing structure, must proceed evolution.  The death of the old behavioral patterns, or pre-existing form must occur before evolution, or change, can occur."  
-Deva Green, Evolutionary Astrology; Pluto and Your Karmic Mission 

Being human is not easy.  Being human is considerably more difficult under a malevolent parasitic government and perverted culture it produces celebrating monsters and prey.  Salvation awaits movement forward into bold reality free from ignorant malevolence.  We call to the best on the road to utopia, quality over quantity and such direction exalts human spirit where day to day living becomes easier. 
Politicians in general and liberal politicians in particular care only about making themselves look like saviors.  They do not care about the planet or her people in so far as parasitic desires guide them.  Tightening down all borders to decrease entry of philosophical virus must be recognized as the first safeguard. We do not need more philosophical virus in America when we have our own viruses to contend with, thank you very much.  Of late, Canada and the United Kingdom do not look like trusted allies both choking under neoliberalism.  Alas, Germany and Japan appear past the point of no return regarding reproduction and cultural extinction.  A government that cared about their citizens would be wise to study such ideology responsible for failing cultures and prevent remnants from contaminating their nation just as they would do in dealing with an actual virus.

Politicians proliferate and profit in a world often using pretense as currency.  Pretense as philosophy allows monsters to hide in plain sight.  (See; Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein)  It normalizes mental illness creating a creepy loveless world.  Death of this old world championing human predators and prey must occur before we can move forward to utopia.  Transformations shall be devastating for some and exhilarating for others.  How dark the opposition wants to make the transition is a key question.  Desperation stoops lower and lower so far weaponizing their children, coordinating mass border invasion, increasing censorship on social networks, and facilitating massacres in public schools.  

The right, conservatives for the most part will have to contend with life and death issues delivered here as well at some point after the Trump dynasty.  To be reborn, one first must die.  This paradox of good news bad news continues.  What kills the species hides in government.  While not as deplorable as Democrats, the GOP must at some point follow their friends into long-waiting tar pits.  Quality life and ascension now tips the balance scales of existence.  

We get closer to publishing energy already triangulating the planet vibrating liberating souls and burning hearts changing the future forevermore.  Book one has been professionally edited with a slightly revised title.  It is not, Dawning of the Matriarch Society: How the Extinction Rule was Broken weighing heavy on a timeless soul today.  Book two materializes as poetry chapbook and although a fraction of the pages in comparison to her non-fiction companion, it was easily more spiritually exhausting.  Drafted into service by each word imagined called to answer tiny tears, existential repercussions may connect tormented souls to infinity or until such love knows justice.  Still, not quite able to explain empathic emotions twisting this sacred journey into perhaps new dimensions and being haunted by my own words.  This is where an instruction manual would have eased matters significantly, but then chaos would not have her entertainment.  Suffering seems more than just occupational hazard here on the edge of time.
Passions written into the quantum field of dreams can be neutralized.  We can undo what we have done.  Leniency seems not to be indicated here and there is that last hope thing for those people living under death penalties.  Love in one hand, retribution in the other and nothing but naked pretense standing between Lords of Sagittarius and delivering mythic prophecy.  So then, we come to another point of no return and lines being drawn in the sand separating many of us here in America and around the world were foreseen.

Humanity survives and ascends into higher beings in our future utopian world but what of the victims through no fault of their own?  Born homosexual in most cases, how do they contend with a new world seeking to marginalize them out of existence?  For humanity to survive, the LGBTQ community and lifestyle must end probably over thousands of years.  Life and death, good news and very bad news, a paradox waiting thousands of years to explode creating a genesis throughout the cosmos.  Homosexuality is the major symptom of species extinction and such evolutionary pronouncements shall not be taken kindly no matter the loving liberation it brings to humanity.  Will the opposition fight to the death for the right to pervert and therefore kill the human species?

Who thought the last renaissance would be easy?  Worlds wait to be born, waiting for humanity to get a clue joining the universe as sentient spiritually powerful beings.  Free will could be the final frontier.  Choose life.

Coming 9.20.18


Pinterest Life or Death artwork by unknown Russians, I think

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spiritual Notes; Mission Log from the Edge of Time

Rare planetary alignment Jan.through Feb. 6, 2017
Planetary alignments occur now and again but Astrologers and Astronomers still consider them rare.  It depends on how many and which planets are aligning.  Let us note that eight planets aligning happen about every 500 years. Five planets come into alignment beginning inauguration night and ending in February.  There could be no better time to have a presidential inauguration and rebounding spirit of hope for a nation.  ANYONE inaugurated on such a day would be looked upon as a King of Kings in ancient times. Thinking it to be a coincidence is just foolhardy. At this particular time in world history and especially January 20, these particular five planets aligning seem to be given to a certain Spiritual Warrior.

Need to imagine some readers are not aware and give some perspective especially for the absolute skeptic.  We all have an Astrological Natal Chart often displayed in wheel form corresponding to the moment and place we are born.  The two most important elements of your chart are your Rising Sign and Moon Sign. Twelve moons correspond to the zodiac and where your moon resides determines emotional dynamics to a degree.  At any rate, our moon could have been in eleven other signs of the zodiac on January 20, 2017. Scorpio Moon peaking for a Poet colors five planets in rare alignment at a pivotal time for humanity.

Cosmic mission to save a savage world in critical condition dying fast appears complete. Walking away with faith seems a personal test. Walking away does not entail taking it easy removed from savage fray. No, really big tears wait now for imagination and passion to try and embrace.  (Never really know what poetic musings here mean until much later.  Shame I have to decode my own work)

Blessings and curses... Sagittarius deals out retribution often launching flaming arrows from hell.  Why don't I just wish for world peace on my night of nights and stop throwing fireballs? You think they would make it easy for a once reluctant Poet. An easy path where one does not earn it creates spiritual impotence.  
One drawback to cosmic power as it concerns affecting humans is that I cannot make a dishonest man honest if he does not have honesty in him.  I cannot give someone what they do not possess. Furthermore, real cosmic super hero type power could only be given to a very few Earth Goddesses on this planet now showing signs of serious intelligent life and spirit.  This world may not deserve such women quite yet.  More garbage needs taking out in this world so that Beauty may step in unfettered and reign forevermore.

Fighting against planetary power influenced greatly by Scorpio Moon is a losing proposition.  Creativity gets involved.  Liberal Democrats fight a losing battle and given other unsavory revelations recently brought to light by Wikileaks, it is hard seeing them relevant ever again in the coming renaissance. Planetary alignments shall end yet words of magick magnified by their cosmic power come designed to last one hundred thousand years.  The age of Beauty has begun.

California Dreaming

Speaking of Liberal Democrats and a need to stop throwing fireballs on this planet where the apes are in charge, I actually got an idea on how California might be saved that does not include one hundred feet of ocean water over New Sodom and Gomorrah.  Yes, Los Angeles is a cesspool and the state a haven for some of the worst bureaucratic parasites in the nation.  (Mayor Eric Garcetti was on a list of possible running mates for HRC) However, not all Californians are Liberal Loons.  Hell, Clinton Eastwood lives here.  So, what if California is a victim like America was a victim for eight years?

California may not deserve much of the creepy, freaky, police state reputation it has earned over the years.  I would ask our new president and his federal law enforcement agencies to investigate select Democrat Politicians in the State of California for voter fraud.

Ideas on neutering a dangerous liberal media including Hollywood should be expected like procrastination cluttered in this head to break out eventually. Until then, may the force of your Natal Chart be with you.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Lords of Sagittarius

Corinne Heline, Spiritualist
Early in human evolution the Lords of Mind radiated from themselves the shining essence containing the seed of the human mind. In other words, these great Beings bestowed upon man the priceless gift which lifts him above the animal kingdom and opens a way whereby he may become as a god. 
—The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline
Spiritual journeys often take lifetimes according to advanced Mystics. Time itself may offer the final frontier not as immaterial concept to be exploited for greed and power but bridge to other worlds and higher thinking. Only beings of higher consciousness conquer time and humanity for the most part does not come close today. Science explains time but looking at this world one would not think even scientists understand completely fabrics holding our universe together. As our world turns slowly away from darkness by power of magick and celestial aspects, time waits for Champions to formulate spiritual plans building a new nation as America can finally understand rainbows waiting at the end of a cosmic road.
This is vitally important work because a highly trained but unillumined materialistic mind is the most sinister force in the world at the present time. St. Paul aptly termed it "the power of darkness." Such minds are being used by the Black Forces as their most responsive instruments for bringing about chaos, dissolution and the eventual destruction of the entire earthly realm. This is the crisis now confronting humanity. 
The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline
Such plans wait not too far away for higher consciousness and freethinking Americans to put together building a new world where achievements are not measured in dollars. Spiritually potent matriarchs and beauty rule in our future as characteristics needed to govern and advance civilization in the appropriate direction shines brightest in our women. Baby steps to that future have already been taken as monsters hiding in plain sight are exposed like cockroaches scattering across a kitchen floor when one turns on the light. Now that we see them and their awful liberal media protectors, especially dangerous evil can and will be exterminated.

Great darkness before the beautiful dawn was predicted and one should not be surprised as we are exposed now to what appears to be the worst U.S. President imaginable protecting and involved in a pedophile sex-trafficking ring embedded in the heart of government across the globe. 

Spiritual Warrior encourages humanity to evaluate life and choose a side as only innocents shall not be judged. Until then, powers radiating from Constellation Sagittarius guide promises of more love lifting lowly humans in need to higher thinking and consciousness. However, parasites and monsters find no love here as it should be in the heart of all decency.

Sagittarius, the only zodiac sign brandishing a weapon delivers retribution when needed.  Mythic planetary Trigon powers cosmic will summoned by timeless tears now holding dominion over degenerate halls of Washington, D.C. to perverted palaces of Saudi Arabia. Let pedophiles and government parasites like our President Barack Obama and John Podesta come to know abject fear comprehending unstoppable approaching doom.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Averting Dark Agendas

Micro-second by micro-second a dark future paved by the patriarch matrix is being averted.  Wheels driving mankind to the extinction abyss move slowly.  It remains a severe problem unacknowledged by a selfie-selfish generation and their makers because the actual event happens in a distant future.  Nevertheless, there is a point of no return that experts see in the number of children produced or fertility rates.  No culture has ever reversed a fertility rate of less than 2.11 children per family in our known history.  It is why I am here.

As the final chapter is written, it should have been a woman taking humanity to salvation opening a door to a prescribed matriarch society.  Dark details of a journey into light begin in darkness.  To get to the light we must first go into darkness of our own minds and beyond.  Spiritual Warriors cannot be concerned with details on the Quantum Field.  Warriors care little of the battles but seek to win the war!

Many years ago a high-tech engineering genius friend related to me that the extra-terrestrials commonly known in UFO circles as the “Grays” were in fact us from the future.  Grays are also thought of as the malevolent aliens.  They have no discernible sex organs.   Look at the photo collage posted here and tell me or yourself if there are similarities?  Ask yourself; why most all alien abduction stories involve tests on our reproductive system?  Let me remind you that my mission here is to prevent species extinction by infertility.  Ask yourself some questions.  Doing the work is important and some answers you will not get here.  You will get questions.  Why are there similarities in the pics?  What would our eyes look like if we had to live under ground for a few thousand years?  Why would we need to live under ground for a few thousand years?  Which political party in the 2016 presidential election fanned flames of nuclear war with Russia?  Which political party pushes a gender-neutral agenda?  


Agenda of The Grey Aliens

Zeta Reticulan Grey Aliens

Second Thoughts: Caitlyn Jenner decides against more surgery

Real Housewives of Atlanta Amiyah Scott Transgender Woman

The Transgender Boards

Why do Hollywood Aliens Look Human?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Synchronicity and Zodiac Sign 13

Ophiuchus, the so-called 13th Zodiac Sign
Our good friend Science decided it was past time to update the High Art of Astrology and threw a monkey wrench into the world of Spirit, Magick, and Horoscopes by doing the math required to delineate the 13th Zodiac sign known as Ophiuchus.  It appears the 13th sign has been there all along and the ancients for some reason decided to ignore it.

Apparently, 13 sun signs were used long ago in Sidereal Astrology.  As a youngster in the world of astrology, it would take someone more in tune with the Arts to explain exactly what Sidereal Astrology entails.  Thankfully, an explanation of ancient astrology is not necessary for the thesis here.  

Science gave us back the 13th sun sign not in an effort to help but to discredit, embarrass, and bring general chaos to those of us with higher consciousness most probably out of envy.  Astrologers and those of us entering new spirituality are not thrown into chaos with the announcement and rebirth of Ophiuchus.  According to Science, the news affects 86% of us.  That is to say, our natal charts and horoscopes have been cast in error and need recalculating.  I disagree.  The ancients in almost every culture were more spiritually advanced or in touch with spirit than modern society.  So then, we can bet that the ancients had good reasons for ignoring the 13th sign and we should not try to out-smart them.

I believe it was Constantine the Great who became so great because of the casting of his natal chart by Vettius Valens, a novice Astrologer at the time fell to his knees and wept at the feet of the Ruler upon casting and reading Constantine’s chart.  Apparently, he was the second coming of Christ or something and the young Astrologer told him as much.   Constantine went on to be such a great Roman Emperor that he is credited with creating the fall of Rome and emergence of Christianity. Many years later his chart was cast again by a modern astrologer and it was found that the original natal chart of Constantine was cast completely in error. 

Planets and stars affect us but are also there as powerful tools for our use as well.  All advanced mystics know that human will is greater than the power of any planet or star.

Do not pull your hair out over the news of Ophiuchus.  Rejoice!  It is just another sign the status-quo creating an ugly loveless world of machines, monsters and their prey is coming to an unmerciful end.  Imagine greater and get ready to build a new world.  

Here then are my top ten reasons why the 13th Zodiac sign gives those of us on a spiritual journey no cause for concern.  If incorporated, it arrives in perfect harmony with “synchronicity" of the great Carl Jung and approaching matriarch society.

1.   Astrology is not based on constellations as there are other more powerful constellations than Ophiuchus not listed on the Zodiac.  There is a fine argument for this in a video below and not all Astrologers are long-haired Hippies.  Some of them come from the ranks of science.

2.   Constellation Ophiuchus is not very bright meaning it radiates little power on us lowly humans.  Maybe this is why the ancients ignored it.  There is literature to suggest it should be treated like a leap year.  Perhaps it comes into significant aspect every 3 years.

3.   Astrology is different in almost every nation.  Vedic Astrology of India uses 7 planets only as did the ancients.   So then, Astrology behaves to whatever dynamics humans ascribe to it to a degree.  Quantum Theory is about what you believe. The Poet seems to sense more than experts think they know here.

Astrology cannot be explained by any single theoretical framework, but must be viewed against a specific religious, philosophical, social, and political background and, equally importantly, from the perspective of individual practitioners working within a particular milieu in a particular place, in a particular decade of a particular century.  
              -Liz Greene, Astrologer Extraordinaire

4.   Thirteen is a sacred number, a spiritual number, a number with great power for those in tune with spirit and a source of great fear to those who live by pretense.  Pretense has ruled this world for thousands of years driving humanity to the end of the road called extinction.  As pretense dies, spiritual energy awakens and rules the future.  Those with spirit do not fear the number 13 but welcome it like magick it brings.

5.   Science looks silly for not doing the math a long time ago.  Maybe their computers were running slow or something.  This shows that Science must stop being such an insufferable snob and work with the High Arts as they are much older and more powerful than Science.  Science seems jealous for not giving humanity a viable answer to the extinction riddle.  Spirituality delivered that solution and holds all keys to Utopia until science can catch up getting out of the mud of pretense— pretending it is the new God.  

6.   Bringing back Ophiuchus may unite all the different varieties of Astrology.  I have said that one day Astrology will join the ranks of academics and you will be able to get a Ph.D in Astrology.  Maybe Ophiuchus is the nexus to our astrological future of love and prosperity free from government parasites and their zombies.  Rally ‘round thirteen!

7.   These enlightened eyes were looking for an astronomical sign among our starry night sky signaling the dawning of the matriarch society and end to a cruel circus of status-quo politics of fools.  Pluto is no longer a planet having been unceremoniously down-graded by Science and that event could not be a sign for positive change.  NASA’s Kepler  Space Telescope recently discovered a new planet and that more than makes up for old Pluto.  (Pluto may rise from the dead again)  Planet Proxima Centauri-B needed a better name and Astrologers should write letters of protest around the fact that astronomers and scientists are artistically and poetically inept.  They should appoint a group of Poets and Astrologers to name planets. 

Snake Charmer has flare and bravado.  Think of government and the status-quo as a snake (shouldn’t be hard to do).  We must charm the dangerous reptile with magick as we retake our planet just in time to destroy human monsters and save a dying world.

8.   Zodiac Signs are the least powerful element of tools and forces at our disposal to learn lessons while multiplying and prospering on this planet.  Meandering through incarnations we go through all sun signs until getting it right. Planets and aspects hold the power and they shall not change much in your natal chart.  

9.   Firestorm Omega arrived here under a Trigon of planets holding great mythological and real power including Ares the God of War, the Father of Time Saturn, and Uranus the World Maker holding domain over earthquakes and tsunamis.  Nerds and Geeks say coincidence while the great Jung would say, “synchronicity, Baby!”

10.  The Warrior is given mythic ruthless planets as tools and great magick to battle epic evil of this world.  Apparently, humanity is that important. The Dalai Lama told you folks how it would end and so did Nostradamus.  The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs. 

The "Secret Cross" well known for great power found on few as are two.

Natal Chart of Firestorm Omega aka Alan Paine